The optimal and universal adopted solution is to store energy in batteries. Able to get a continuous alternating current based on converting the direct current coming from these batteries in an alternating current.


True-online ( Tower, Rack-mount )Line-Interactive 

4ipnet WiFi Products

Provides networking devices for manageable, reliable and secure wireless broadband access.

BenQ Solar Panel

BenQ Solar 

NexPower Solar Power System

Off-grid Module is the next generation for stand-alone and remote applications, such as for solar lighting, water pumps, remote homes, telecommunication stations…etc.As off-gird applications are gaining more popularity around the world today, NexPower now offers a 3kW off-grid system (system output is available for customization).

TAIKAN Power Supply CATV

Taikan PSP/PSS Series non-standby power supply units provide conditioned power to signal amplifiers in CATV and broadband distribution systems. Designed in a durable anodised aluminium housing (power coating available) with a high quality ferroresonant transformer, the PSP/PSS Series are available in both pole mount and strand mount versions.

Cable TV

For over 30 years, Taikan has manufactured passive devices including mainline taps and splitters. Recently, we have expanded our cable product portfolio to include hardline connectors, drop amplifiers and power supplies. All of our products are manufactured in ISO 9001:2008 certified facilities and adhere to numerous industry standards.

Optical Fiber

Taikan has a diverse portfolio of fiber optic products. Our growing list of Fiber Optic Active devices includes transmitter and nodes. In addition, we carry Fiber Optics Passives such as single/ multi mode cables and various optical splitters. 


As batteries are the key fundamental energy storage solution and considered as the last line of protection, BSB Power assures that the products are robust and highly reliable.

Ethernet Over Cable (EOC)

The main products include EOC, PLC, EPON, Ethernet switches and network management software platform


Our Mission “Along with superb quality ofproducts and services offering, we shall also provide the Best-In-Class afterSales Support to our customers”